Posted by: Leigh Ann Otte | 02/25/10

8 top blog posts (by doctors, nurses and a paramedic)

You guys are good.

I now subscribe to 45 blogs written by doctors and other health-care professionals. I’m impressed with your content. Oh, OK, I could offer a few suggestions … and, actually, I will!

In upcoming posts, I’ll tell you what the experts say about great blog writing, so stay tuned. In the meantime, in the spirit of the oft-heard writerly advice, “Read, read, read!” here are eight recently published posts I thought were noteworthy for specific reasons. Which do you like, and why?


  • Dick vs. Bill” (doctor blog: Dr. Wes)
    Unexpected, interesting take on the topic—comparing two well-known politicians. Good introduction in the first three paragraphs—you know why you’re reading.
  • Dr. D’s guide to getting worked-up” (doctor blog: Ask an MD)
    Nice topic choice—helpful and not stale. Appealing style and tone—conversational, no talking down, some lightheartedness.


  • New York Fashion Week: Models are confusing” (nurse practitioner blog: Perils)
    Intriguing title; second paragraph lets you know what to expect from the post; flowing narrative; consistent, appealing tone and style.
  • passage” (registered nurse blog: OncRN)
    Draws you in from the start, paints a picture with words, makes you feel, doesn’t drag (good length), satisfies in the ending.

Are you a doctor or other health-care professional who blogs for lay people? (Doesn’t have to be about health.) Please post your link, and I’ll check it out.

Want a personal review of your blog writing? I offer affordable consultation services. I’d love to help.

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  1. Thank for featuring my post! I love your site. Can’t wait to see future offerings (tried to send you an email via OS but it wasn’t going through)

    • You’re welcome, CherylAnnNY. Thank you for the comment—and for your great post. Sorry for the e-mail trouble. Hmmm … not sure what the problem might be …. Anyway, happy blogging. I look forward to reading more from you.

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