Posted by: Leigh Ann Otte | 02/12/10

Why this blog?

The first issue of what would soon be called "My Family Doctor" (2003)

In 2003, my dad, a family doctor, started a magazine.

As with many doctors, he was frustrated with how little time he got to spend with his patients—and frustrated with how little they knew about their own health. He figured he’d try another way to reach people: through the printed word. He’d create a national magazine that would be written by doctors and other health-care providers. No more iffy information from the lay media touting weak studies and fad diets. This would be the stuff you really needed to know.

I worked as managing editor of the magazine, My Family Doctor. It lasted six years—longer than most in this electronic day and age. I’m still managing editor of the Web site. Through working with the dozens of doctors who have written our articles, I’ve seen many bring an inexplicable knack for communicating with lay people. Most, however, struggle—but the ability is in there. They’re just used to medical journals, strict rules and facts, facts, facts. Freedom and creativity have been stuffed down somewhere into the deep, dark depths.

So I’ve started my own business as a freelance writer and editor for doctors and other medical professionals. They’ll write what they want to say; I’ll help take it to the next level, so it engages readers (and editors and publishers). If you’re looking to hire someone out, or want more personal editing attention, I’m here for you. But if you just want to learn to access your inner writer, that’s what this blog is for.

Whether you want to write magazine articles, a novel, patient education materials, press releases, your own Web site or something else, I hope this blog will help. The lay world needs to hear your voice. I look forward to helping you express it.

Please let me know below what you’re interested in writing—or reading about in this blog.


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